St. Bart’s Top 5-Star Restaurants

Over the last several years, St. Barthelemy has gained its popularity due to its breathtaking beaches, gorgeous villas, and lavish water and leisure activities . A French oasis in the Caribbean, this island offers its visitor incredible dining experience with some of the best restaurants in the world. Here is our local Sobevillas team’s selection: 


Located in the heart of Gustavia, Isola brings to the island the true essence of the Italian flavors and recipes that are prepared form the finest local land imported ingredients. The guests at Isola can enjoy an elegant and romantic atmosphere with sublime, slightly dark interior and top service and attentiveness of the staff. 

The absolute musts to taste from the menu are tomato plate, Buffala & Parma prosciutto along with the homemade pastas. Make sure to save some room for their signature tiramisu to compete your culinary experience. 

L’Isola is just minutes away from Villa Vanessa


The culinary temple of Kinugawa features a fusion of gourmet Japanese cuisine and the French-inspired notes. The guests can enjoy a variety of dishes such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, tataki, fresh grilled fish or meat, and caviar. The restaurant is a proud addition to the Blackcode portfolio, a famous restaurant group in France which explains its excellence of service and quality of food. 

Located on the breathtaking Rue Jeanne d’Arc of thePort of Gustavia, this waterfront venue offers spectacular Caribbean views and soothing sounds of the sea. With its elegant wooden décor and contemporary tones, Kinugawa creates a great ambiance for an unforgettable night complete with DJ sets and crafted cocktails. 

Kinugawa is just a short walk from Villa Gertrude

La Guérite

Originally located in the cove of the Sainte-Marguerite, right next to the castle of the Iron Mask, La Guérite has been impressing the guests of the French Riviera since 1935. In 2015, the owners decided to bring this fantastic venue to the Gustavia Harbor of Saint Barthelemy to continue the culinary tradition on the Caribbean Sea. 

The restaurant features authentic Mediterranean cooking, brought by one of the master of Greek gastronomy, Yiannis Kioroglou. 

Stay at Villa Paloma, a short drive away from the venue.


Located on the famous Shell Beach, right under Hôtel Barrière, Le Carl Gustaf St Barth, Shellona offers an exceptional setting with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.  The guests can enjoy a fresh lunch, listening to the DJ sets or live music, as well as relax on sunbeds, and sip on delicious cocktails while gazing at the most beautiful sunset of the island. 

The restaurant features authentic Mediterranean cuisine, presented by the world famous Yiannis Kioroglou of La Guérite. La Shellona welcomes its guests every day from 9:00 am to 8:00pm.

Take a nice walk through the town of Gustavia from Villa Polie to access Shell Beach.

Le Tamarin

Le Tamarin is a unique place located in a beautiful garden that is spread around a majestic tamarind tree creating a very serene and relaxing atmosphere.  The owners Julie and Paco hired the best design team, from architect Johannes Zingerle, decorator Karine Bruneel, landscapers Denys Ridrimont and Kevin Ouvre, to make sure that this venue stands out form the rest and invites its guests to a special dining experience. 

The restaurant is open all day, for lunch, dinner, and snacks in the afternoon and is a short drive from Villa Jezebel


Designed as a spacious and open beach house, Bonito is a cozy yet romantic spot with the most stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and wonderful music sets selected to go with the ambiance. 

The restaurant features French Pan-American cuisine, a mix created by the chef/owner Laurent Cantineaux, a Paris native who continued his techniques and gained new inspirations in the Americas for over 20 years. 

Bonito is located in the heart of Gustavia, within minutes to Villa Emille