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Luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. From massive homes with million dollar views, to expert concierge service providing for every whim and fancy, you deserve the ultimate vacation. And here at SobeVillas we are experts at providing the complete five star experience that wealth endows the rich and powerful. Here’s what it’s like when you rent with SobeVillas.

You arrive to an island between South Beach and the City of Miami in an exotic foreign vehicle provided for by your personal concierge.

The cool blue waters of the Biscayne Bay greet you as South Beach glows to your east and Downtown Miami to your west. Both are just a fingertip’s touch away as you lounge in the sublimely cool waters of your private infinity pool.

Dinner is a five course meal prepared by an award winning local chef who specializes in farm to table ingredients and the best South Florida proteins. Your personal server is attentive without being obtrusive and has a delightful personality almost as delicious as your dessert. You and a long table full of guests enjoy the fine cuisine as well as paired wines and after dinner drinks from a fully stocked bar of fine top-shelf liquors.

As the midnight hour descends, your entire party is shuttled by limo to the exclusive VIP entrance of the finest nightlife destination in the city. A world class DJ greets you with a smile as you’re seated at a prime location for bottle service, people watching, and enjoyment of the entertainment.

At 5a.m. your party returns, with some new friends, to your villa where the chef prepares a delicious breakfast with a side of bloody mary’s. After a power nap, and a dip in the pool, you head to the beach for some sand and surf, relax on Ocean Drive, then return to the villa to get ready for the evening.

Your personal concierge arranges to every detail of a whirlwind evening of culture attending Wynwood’s best blue chip art openings, a Broadway musical at the Adrienne Arsht Center, the opening festivity for a bespoke luxury jeweler in the Design District, and an evening stroll through a high end sculpture garden in Downtown Miami.

Back at the villa you change clothes once again and experience the full glamour of another VIP night of clublife on South Beach.

No expectation is too great, no luxury unattainable, and full attention is devoted to your every whim. This is the good life after all, and SobeVillas knows exactly how to provide the highest levels of service for the most discerning luxury clientele.

Here are some of the benefits of booking with us:

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No More Dealing With Property Owners, Waiting To Hear Back

When you deal directly with the owners of the luxury villas you are interested in renting you are at the mercy of their schedule. These often very wealthy people who also have other business, don’t necessarily have the time or experience to devote to your vacation. That is the reason why brokers exist to move the properties into the hands of the renting party. For these reasons it is best not to deal directly with property owners but with experts in the field of hospitality, hoteliering, and food and beverage service for luxury connoisseurs. These professionals must by virtue of attaining the status of excellence in their field also be connoisseurs of fine living. And it is with this in mind that any discerning guest should consider the ramifications of hiring a less than stellar individual for the task at hand.

If you are tired of holding forth communications with property owners who refuse to make you their priority, you must contract SobeVillas.



Bridging The Gap Between Home and Hotel

Home is where the heart is, but a vacation goes far beyond the mundane trivialities of domestic living. A pool in the dining room may not make sense for your house, but for your vacation, bring it on! It is for this reason that a true vacation home must be replete with the fineries of elite travel. While you may value the look and feel of a private residence, you must also reap the rewards of the luxury accoutrements that guests of your standing demand, nay deserve. We will place before you the wonders of the world so that you may enjoy them in their most distinctive stylings, and highest furnishings. From the best bath and body treatments, to nine course gourmet meals, light bites, and refreshments we can provide it all. We will insure that your towels are luxuriant and of the finest quality, and that your sheets are the highest thread count of fine Egyptian cotton so that your bed and pillow smother you in bliss.

Exclusive Perks

With SobeVillas, a professional network of the most active and successful personalities, luxury service providers, transportation personnel, tour guides, concierge leaders, art connoisseurs, nightlife specialists, sporting brokers, health and fitness gurus, and cultural expeditionaries are here to serve you and provide the finest perks attainable by only the most connected locals.


Enchanted Villa

This amazing view could be yours for a night, a week, a month, or a year!

Skip The Sea Of Listings

There are way too many websites out there full of endless photos of what look like all the same properties. Click on any image and you’ll be treated to cookie cutter copy pasted information that will not only impede your ability to make a rational decision, but will actually distract you from that task while you worry about whether you can even trust the person you’re dealing with. Skip this tired old step and deal directly with a company you can trust.
Are you drowning in a sea of listings? Can you really trust the photos of your prospective villa from a website you’ve never used? Can you really tell what a place looks like simply from a few photos online? Are you starting to see the same properties listed across dozens of websites? Don’t you wish you had one central authority on which to be able to rely for all of your needs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for SobeVillas to throw you a lifesaver and keep you from drowning in the dreaded sea of listings.

How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Broker?

Listen, Miami is full of shady fly-by-night operators, scam artists, and unsavory criminals who use technology to their advantage when robbing vacationers blind through graft, greed, and even forgery. SobeVillas offers fully transparent service, a wealth of experience, wonderful recommendations, and a network of trusted professionals to insure that you will be well taken care of. We are happy to answer any and all questions and provide detailed documentation of all our services. We are fully cognizant of the various privacy needs of high end celebrity clientele, this is a market segment we have extensive experience providing for, and making your dreams a reality is our specialty. If you are tired of sending out emails and getting no response, making phone calls that go straight to voicemail, and writing texts that go unanswered, contact SobeVillas. And if you are looking for the highest quality stays and service in a luxury villa of your choosing, we will make you our top priority.


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Now, who are some of the types of customers we serve, and what kind of luxury vacations do they book? Just take a look:

The Rich Couples Getaway

Mark and Lorena Gonaives are wealthy New York socialites. He’s the manager of a hedge fund, she is an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. They live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and like to holiday for a month at a time once a year starting on South Beach and island hopping from villa to villa through the most beautiful gems of the Caribbean. They are always looking for the next hidden beauty with 5 star service, crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, infinity pools, and resort style personal service for their own private island feeling getaways. Their main objectives are finding the 5 star level personal attention of the Ritz Carlton but without all of the crowds

The Wealthy Family Vacation

The Faisal family are the descendants of Saudi royalty and reside in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles where they live in a gated community replete with clubhouse, ballroom, olympic size swimming pool gym, and arcade. Their home has 12 rooms and 10 bathrooms, a sauna, a bowling alley, a waterslide and master bbq area. They are very used to the finest comforts at all times and sometimes take it for granted. Their luxury vacations consist of renting a fine villa for a week or ten days and using it as a base of operations for all of the finest luxury activities their destination city offers. They especially love shopping and seek convenient transportation to the best malls, couture boutiques, and districts that they visit. They alos consider their family meals to be the center of their homelife and require gourmet service 2 – 3 times



The Celebrity Getaway

Our friends in Hollywood and the entertainment industry have the expendable income to enjoy the best that life has to offer, but they also maintain a fierce allegiance to their privacy. We specialize in serving the needs of those interested in the finest lodging, best food, most incredible nightlife, and best cultural activity, while optimizing their stay for the least intrusive hospitality that each of our locations offers. We are always prepared to book multi destination travel packages including private luxury transportation between each villa. Furthermore, we can even provide perimeter security to guard all assets without giving them any access to your personal space. When it comes to a luxury concierge for the rich and famous, we tailor make suggested outing plans, booking, comparisons, and options based on specified dates, hand tailored to the party’s interests, and inclusive of all the most important details.

Professional Athletes and Entourages

For our high profile clients who love to shine in the spotlight, we can provide the finest villa stays as well as arrange for maximum profile opportunities to show off as ostentatiously as they choose while optimizing the opportunity for media exposure. Our network includes the busiest promoters, club executives, party planners, and socialites in all of the cities in which we operate. From South Beach to the South Of France, we create lifestyle vacation packages that wow, amaze, inform, entertain, and provide the highest levels of luxury that money can buy within an expedient package and trusted brand that is held in high regard for its excellence.

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