Sobe Villa’s Top 10 Luxury Villa Rentals in South Beach and Downtown Miami

Enchanted Villa

This amazing view could be yours for a night, a week, a month, or a year!

South Beach is one of the world’s most sought after vacation, nightlife and tourist destinations. Between the opulent luxury, natural environment, international populace, incredible restaurants, arts, culture, music, and outdoor activity, living, visiting, and entertaining in Miami is a wonderful experience.

The world renowned coastline of South Beach makes this slice of the U.S. map our own American Riviera; and with a globally heralded nightlife, spas, sights, and sounds all its own, South Beach is waiting with her arms wide open for you to make incredible memories to last a lifetime.

All you need is an experienced luxury realtor like Sobe Villas to optimize your experience with a unique array of properties for whatever level of opulence you wish to fulfill. The company offers the most complete amenities packages too to turn your life into the ultimate VIP luxury vacation. A personal guide to advise you on your spending choices will maximize the hand tailored luxury experience to your exact specifications, and introduce you to hyper-localized service with a smile .

This can include everything from multi-destination international getaways to private yachts, helicopter service, jet charters; and the best captains, chauffeurs, and pilots to make it happen. And it all begins with your luxury villa rental but it only ends at the limits of your imagination. Much more than just a high end property booking service, the company acts in all of manner of personal services.

From private rooms in the most exclusive restaurants, daily meals by an in-house private chef, to grocery deliveries for all your cravings, Sobe Villas will also arrange for your VIP experiences at the leading nightlife destinations, eco-adventures, athletic activities, cultural destinations, and special events.

With all that being said, here are Sobe Villa’s Top 10 Luxury Villas in South Beach and Downtown Miami according to pure rental numbers and customer referrals.

sobe villas luxury miami10. Villa Triana
With rustic old Florida charm, and lovely vibrant colors that abound throughout, your stay will be energized at the nexus of the subtropical forces and design. Add 3,500 sq feet of lovely property that includes a bay front deck and pool and you have every reason in the world to smile. This 4 bedroom and 4.5 bathroom luxury villa sleeps eight, but hey, who needs sleep when you’re dancing under the stars with that hot group of party animals you met on Ocean Drive.

sobe villas miami9. Villa Penelope
This luxury villa is all about a taste of the Mediterranean with a Caribbean flair. With 6 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms, and room for 12, you will recline poolside in the lap of good fortune as euphoric vibrations float on the cool ocean air that greets your every utterly relaxed and harmonious breath.

villa kahbal miami8. Villa Kahbal
C’mon, admit it, you’ve always wanted your own personal private backyard cabana. Well, now you can have it! Nothing beats the superb privacy and ultimate VIP experience of establishing an exclusive personal space where you can kick your feet up, enjoy a few fine libations, and relax by the beautiful pool, surrounded by palm trees. You’ll fall in love with the high ceilings and bamboo garden shower.

villa zen luxury miami7. Villa Zen
You’re going to feel like a billionaire zen guru as your mind unleashes its meditative power in this tranquil and beautiful environment that’s tailor made for your comfort. Enjoy our private chef’s delicious five, seven, and even nine course meals on the granite kitchen countertop or in the beautiful dining room. The modern furnishings and ivy covered walls will envelop you with a deep and lasting peace of mind, body, and spirit. Click here for more info on Villa Zen.

Villa Ete Luxury villa miami6. Villa Ete
Come home to your own slice of waterfront paradise and enjoy unlimited luxury, unparalleled beauty, and infinite views. This villa’s luxuriousness is matched only by its resonant shimmer, sparkling like a rare jewel in the sunshine. With sleek white and modern interior, you will be as drawn to its bedrooms as its incredible poolside, which seems to flow into the ocean. You can even dock your boat here, and bring your dog. Pets are allowed, and yachts are encouraged at this one of a kind property. Click here for more info on Villa Ete.

Villa Maxime luxury5. Villa Maxime
You won’t be able to decide whether to spend all your time inside or outside at this fancy palace. So whether your home is your castle or you like to call a castle your home, the divine sunshine as you recline waterside will greet you warmly no matter what you choose. With bright and airy spaciousness, lofty layout, and tremendous hurricane proof windows, you will love the room, the view, and the way it makes you feel too. Click here for more info about Villa Maxime.

sobe villas 4. Villa Moderna
Can you say black infinity pool? Yes, we know you can. Now slip into forever as your wet feet lounge on artisanal Italian tiles and bask in the glow of Miami. This amazing property also beckons from on high with a perfect rooftop deck overlooking 360 degrees of paradise in every direction. We don’t know if Miami is actually the center of the universe, but it sure feels like it when you’re here.

villa capri miami3. Villa Capri
Nothing says South Beach like getting fresh underwater on your holiday. So whether you’re enjoying the cool touch of the pool, or the party size jacuzzi in the heat of the night, rest assured you will be dancing into a better tomorrow when you wake up next to this gorgeous slice of sunshine. Visual amenities also include a well manicured property replete with exotic flora and fauna as well as the latest and sleekest indoor home decor interiors. Click here for more info on Villa Capri.

Villa Paradis miami luxury rental2. Villa Paradis
You’re going to feel like Gianni Versace, Michelle Rodriguez, Giorgio Armani, and Lady Gaga all at once as you take over South Beach dancing at the throttle of this powerfully vibrant property. With an incredible inner courtyard, mosaic tile walls, architecturally resplendent archways, and a greater array of visuals than a planetarium, this extravagant locale is simply out of this world and you are going to love it as much as all the celebrities, professional athletes, and famous families who have booked it before you. Plus, you’ll look good while you’re doing it. Click here for more info about Villa Paradis.

villa kahla miami luxury1. Villa Kahla
Let your mansions be so great that your outdoors have their own indoors, and your indoors have their own outdoors. That’s what you get when you combine 7,000 square feet of prime island real estate floating in the beautiful expanses of the Biscayne Bay. With unique spiral staircase leading to the futurism of the upstairs quarters, the sultry modernism of the bathrooms, and a kitchen so sleek even the most seasoned private chefs will be impressed, this truly is the optimum peak of total luxury and it can all be yours. Click here for more info on Villa Kahla.