Your Need-to-Know Guide to the Hottest Events in Miami

Miami is an international vacation hub with droves of exciting guests constantly visiting from around the globe. Anyone in Miami can enjoy the sand, sun, and culture mixed together into one melting pot, whether they live here permanently, are staying in a hotel, or enjoying the luxurious Miami Villas. Although Miami is a city that’s always changing, one thing that stays the same is that we’re never static! There’s always a new, dynamic event happening just around the corner. Check out this guide to learn about some of this glittering, tropical city’s hottest events.


Calle Ocho

Taking place along 8th street, as the name suggests, Calle Ocho is a block party-turned-festival that welcomes more than one million party goers annually. Delicious food, lively music, vibrant dance, and interesting art fill the streets as the festival stretches out over ten days every March.

Ultra Music Festival

As an in-demand music event with tickets that sell out almost instantly, Ultra is a premiere festival for EDM musicians. The three-day festival is headlined by the biggest names in the genre and hosts up to 70,000 people a day. What was once a one-day March mini-event has grown over two decades to become a signature global weekend music festival.

Miami Carnival Parade and Concert

Columbus day weekend hosts a massive bi-county event for all ages in Miami. Miami Carnival and Concert is host to thousands of guests ready to experience musicians, artists, and foods from around the world. Guests at Miami Carnival and Concert enjoy listening to competitions between bands and absorb the numerous cultures that have come together to fill the arena.

Miami International Book Fair

For a quieter, more thoughtful event, try visiting the Miami International Book Fair. This one-of-a-kind literary festival takes place downtown and is presented annually in November. Prestigious writers from around the world make their way to Miami for the Book Fair, hosting panels, readings, and signings alike. Books for every kind of reader and in every genre, from sports to poetry to novels, are sold by vendors lining the streets.

Art Basel

An internationally-known visual arts event taking place every December, Art Basel is a week-long fair that has been running for the better part of the last two decades. Art Basel consists of 260 galleries, over 4,000 artists, 31 participating countries, and 500,000 square feet, all divided into nine separate sectors. Exploring all of Art Basel will take the whole festival! If you are a fan of the art world and want to meet the artists who have created the work in front of you, Art Basel is an event that you cannot miss.

Miami is cultural melting pot full of fascinating people to meet, mouthwatering foods to try, and one-of-a-kind events to attend. People from all walks of life visit Miami all year round to enjoy the fun. You could be one of them! Take a trip to Miami this year to experience our signature events. See for yourself how the city comes to life.