Luxury Villa Miami Spotlight – Villa Felicita

Villa Felicita is a glistening jewel of luxury that sparkles like the tides of Biscayne Bay in the heat of the Miami sun.

Perfect for groups of up to 12 people at any time of year, it’s a stately home away from home whether you’re running from the cold, or looking for a hot destination to get your feet wet when the temperatures are blazing.

Standing tall amongst the best in class properties of its kind in South Florida, Villa Felicita offers the perfect unity of style, substance, and location, location, location, to meet even the most discerning luxury requests. As such, we feel its only property to highlight all of the positive attributes of this amazing property in our very special spotlight feature. Here’s everything you need to know about Villa Felicita, a jewel in the crown of Miami extravagance.



The home and property is 5,500 square feet, which offers plenty of room for privacy while also providing ample free space to roam. As you can see, the house is two stories tall. It includes a rooftop pool and terrace from which 360 degrees of amazing natural beauty are visible, including a prime waterfront view of the bay. The property hosts lush foliage, stately palm trees, technicolor flora, and green glowing fauna .

Tall ceilings and tall storm-impact withstanding windows open every wall of the house to amazing natural light. Of course, the finest natural curtains are always available to filter and diffuse the sun’s powerful rays, or even close them out entirely.

The second story porch is a welcome respite of tranquility on which to read, relax, converse, or just have a glass of wine and chill after a long day or night of fun in the City of Miami or South Beach, from which the villa is approximately equidistant at its location in the heart of the nightlife.

The rental offers 5 bedrooms, and 5.5 bathrooms of clean lines, modern appliances, faucets, sinks, showers, and tubs. The home comfortably serves groups of up to 12.


The rooftop pool includes a four step stage on which shallow water relaxation can be achieved by lounging, laying back, and enjoying the perfect temperatures of the clean blue waters. There is an outdoor dining table, chaize lounges, modern semi-enclosed pompazon chair, and umbrella for ultimate guest satisfaction. This is the perfect place for entertaining, enjoying an outdoor meal like a barbecue, and of course sunbathing.


A private indoor shelter on the rooftop includes a bathroom for changing and more beautiful windows from which to enjoy clear high-definition views of natural phenomena like the impressive summer thunderstorms and the dancing lightning they produce in neon forks across the skyline.


Bathroom mirrors are calibrated at the perfect height and spacing for getting ready for a night on the town, even when multiple individuals need to get ready at the same time. Double sinks, and fine faucets with even pressure and excellent flow provide necessary support too. The shower head offers a selection of jets, and high thread count Egyptian cotton towels are available upon request. In fact, guests will also find a supply of toiletries for their bed, bath, and body needs too.


The master bedroom is royal in its bearing, like a summer home for a Duke of Windsor. Comfortable furnishings, clean and firm mattress, fluffy pillows, and the necessary fineries show the utmost respect for the guest experience and provide all of the comforts a luxury homeowner demands while also reveling in the splendor of the priceless experience of tranquility in paradise. From hardwood floors shining like a beacon of wealth, to luxe lighting, and a frosted glass partition between the bed and the terrace, all are optimized for total fantasy fulfillment of the perfect luxury Miami vacation, business trip, or pleasure excursion.


Downstairs, the kitchen is neat, organized, stocked with powerful appliances, roomy fridge, and plenty of cupboards for either a private chef, or the personal sundries and comestibles that guests cook and swerve themselves. Of course as a full service, white glove experience provider, SobeVillas is fully vested in the provision of any client whim, from grocery delivery to party catering, or a chef that can efficiently whip up a 5 course meal for all your guests.

In fact, full catering is one of the top requests of our fully customizable service, which even includes an eats-and-drinks welcome pack as a measure of our gratitude for your choosing to stay with us.


Notice the Italian mosaic tile inlay of the back splash, the granite topped kitchen island where comfortable encounters take place at breakfast, the four column shelving with drawers and easy latch covering, they’re all ready and waiting to provide the comforts of a wealthily appointed home. Up to date appliances include a powerful microwave, and roomy oven.


The living room is spacious yet cozy and calls attention to the modern fireplace. A variety of seating in various arrangements beckon with their soft comfort, and the lovely shag carpet along with a bevvy of pillows insure that there’s always a comfortable resting point within easy reach.


The outer design of Villa Felicita recalls the whitewashed minimalist design of the homes on the Greek isle of Mykonos with a similar Mediterranean sensibility


The indoor elevator efficiently transports the home’s visitors from ground floor to rooftop as easily as a well oiled machine, the property is beautiful, all the amenities one could want are within reach, and the accommodations are simply gorgeous. It’s no wonder that Villa Felicita is one of the most popular luxury Miami rentals that we offer.


This amazing vacation rental also includes wireless internet, self parking, a garage, and a fully automatic entrance gate.

The cost for rental is $3,000 per night in season or $2,000 per night during off season.

Want to rent out Villa Felicita in the heart of Miami? Simply contact SobeVillas today!