7 Most Luxurious Restaurants in Mykonos

What a great summer season it has been in Mykonos!!! Our local Sobevillas team is happy to share their favorite and top spots on the island:

La Maison de Katrin

Found in the heart of Mykonos in 1971 by the Giziotis, this family-owned restaurant was named after the mother and the chef Katerina. La Maison de Katrin features Greek recipes with French gourmet cooking, warm atmosphere and the freshest local ingredients.

Hidden in one of the narrow streets of Chora, this French-Greek Bistrot has welcomed for four decades many famous visitors to the island as well as the foodie travelers with the most sophisticated gourmet taste making this place a definite must!


Located on the cliffs of the beautiful Agia Anna Beach, Spilia is a gourmet and romantic seaside restaurant and bar. Guests at Spilia can enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the smell and sound of the waves, and the breathtaking views of the Aegean.  

The restaurant specializes in freshest seafood, caught right in front of your eyes in the small natural sea pool. The menu items that absolutely cannot be missed are fresh sea urchins, oysters, and the Aegean Lobster as well as mixology signature cocktails. 


Nautilus is a gourmet restaurant located in Mykonos Town that offers the ambiance of a local house and makes its guests feel very cozy and welcome. The restaurant features creative Mykonian cuisine, attentive staff, and a lively late-night ambience. 

The extensive food menu ranges from the freshest salads to grilled meat and seafood dishes, including the signature “grilled octopus” and “Veal carpaccio with rosemary honey vinaigrette and Naxos graviera cheese” that many guests return for. 


One of the most stylish and trendy restaurants on the island, Nōema is located in a former open-air cinema and offers its diners a hidden and elegant atmosphere. The chefs of Noema mix local Cycladic traditions with the new European trends of cooking, crating a very balanced fusion menu of fresh mouthwatering items. 

Besides its delicious food, the venue also celebrates diverse musical heritage with many talented performers and fashion with its boutique that features local designers. 

Sea Satin

Located just under The Windmills, opposite to Little Venice, with gorgeous views of the Aegean sea and sunset, Sea Satin is an iconic name in the field of Mykonian food and night life.

The restaurant offers traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist, but the highlight of the menu is its famous dessert ‘loukoumades’ which is small round crunchy donuts with Greek honey and vanilla ice-cream that is just to die for. The ambiance is a combination of simplicity and luxury that welcomes its guest to have the most memorable and fun experience. 


One of the most highly valued gourmet places in Mykonos, Interni has been pleasing its guests with wonderful culinary experience as well its cocktails. Featuring one of the most beautiful gardens on the island, the restaurant offers romantic open sky setting and intimate decor designed by the world renowned Paola Navone, combined with a personal touch of the proprietor Nikos Varveris. 

The guests at Interni can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes mixed with the flavors from different parts of the world paired with an extensive international as well as local wine list. 


Established in 1967, the world known Remezzo still impresses with the spectular views of the sea and Mykonos town, amazing music, and gourmet food. 

Guests at Remezzo’s restaurant and lounge can enjoy cocktails during the famous Myconian sunset hour, fine dining with the freshest seafood in town, and extravagant parties and late night dancing with special guest DJs from all over the world.